Holistic Techniques

Some  of the Techniques and Therapies I offer as a Past Life Regression therapist and Hypnotherapist


Clinical Hypnotherapy, Traditional Hypnotherapy, Analytical Hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy, EMDR (Eyes Movements Desensitization Reprocessing), Age and Past Life Regression, Holistic and Traditional Counselling, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching, Inner Child therapy, Balansing Karma, Interlife Spiritual Exploration, Guided Visualization, Physical and Emotional Healing, Gestalt Therapy, Dream Work, Spirit Releasement.

Gestalt Therapy - Gestalt Therapy was developed and taught by Fritz Perls in the 1950s -70s. It is a "non trance" therapy, but a very powerful one. It is based on, that our apparent outer world is really only a reflection of our inner world. Through the heightening of our awareness of our process, feelings, and parts we can find ourselves moving through the emotional conflicts and traumas and entering into wholeness in the moment. Gestalt Dialogue used in altered or trance state is called Etheric Plane Communication (Quigley) and is undoubtfully one of the most powerful tools I use and I've seen its profound effect on my clients. Many of the elements of Gestalt therapy are integrated in the work I do in my Regression Therapy work.

Spirit Releasement - This process is based upon the pioneering work of Edith Fiore, Ph.D., William Baldwin, Ph.D., and others in the field. Spirit Releasement is a treatment process and releasing process of attached beings and energies, energies and earth bound lost spirits (those who have died but not risen into the Light). Such attachments can significantly affect client behavior, feelings, and attitudes usually without any conscious awareness on the part of the client. The documentation of the effect of attached beings and the results after releasement is significant. The end results of the releasement process are often dramatic, profound, and enduring.